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90% of the successful business model innovations from the past 50 years didn’t start from scratch; they cleverly combined existing elements.  Stop reinventing the wheel, use Business Model Hacks to design new business models. This is how it works:

Step #1: The now

In this step you will thoroughly examine your company.

Step #2: Brainstorming

In this step you use the +200 Business Model Hacks to generate new ideas.

Step #3: Business Modeling

In this step you transform the ideas into prototypes of business models.

Step #4: Testing & execution

In this step you will thoroughly examine your company.

What experts say

‘’Business Model Hacking is easy to apply and helps me to create new surprising business models''
Martijn Verhoeven
Digital Pioneers
‘’Business Model Hacking is incredibly valuable. It helps our startups to create better business concepts. ’’
Ben Bakker

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