How Business Model Hacks help you get more results with the Business Model Canvas

The Business Model Canvas is a wildly popular tool and is used by millions of practitioners worldwide to design business models. It’s a great tool because the Business Model Canvas is practical, provides a common language, and provides a framework to think about fundamental parts of a business.

Despite the great advantages that the Business Model Canvas offers, there is still much to be gained in the field of business model design. Many business models created are fairly obvious, lack thoughtfulness and are very similar to business models of competitors. While companies that really differentiate themselves with strong, resilient business models are often more successful than the masses. I would like to help you design stronger business models and introduce you to Business Model Hacking.

What is Business Model Hacking?

Business Model Hacking is a powerful and practical method to design business models.

  • It helps you create better, more resilient business models
  • Instead of reinventing the wheel, use proven elements from successful business models to come up with ideas
  • It consists of more than 200 business model hacks
  • Include countless inspiring examples of game changers who owe their success to the choices made in their business model

Why Business Model Hacking?

You use proven elements when designing new business models. And it turned out that this way of designing works: Research from the University of St. Gallen showed that 90% of successful business model innovations in the past were based on the described Business Model Hacks.

The relationship between Business Model Hacking and the Business Model Canvas?

Business Model Hacking is invented in cocreation by enthusiastic users of the Business Model Canvas. The method was created after multiple experiments and research into successful business models. Business Model Hacking is complementary to the Business Model Canvas. The Business Model Hacks provide inspiration and help entrepreneurs, directors, managers and designers to design stronger, more resilient business models.

Are you ready to design winning business models?

Discover Business Model Hacks. Check out the website or buy the book for more inspiration.