Vision Canvas

When a company is founded it, all starts with a compelling vision – the articulation of a mission to resolve a large, real, urgent need, through an ambitious, future-oriented, innovative, compelling business concept. A vision is a compass that helps a company navigate towards their future dream. A good vision is motivating, is clear, gives people direction and helps to do the right things better and better.

Download the Vision Canvas: Powerpoint (fill in format), A1 or A0.

Explanation Vision Canvas

The Vision Canvas (also known as the 5 Bold Steps Canvas) helps you design powerful visual visions. This tool was created by David Sibbet of the Grove International, a visionary in the field of visual working in business contexts.


  • Helps to create a powerful, tangible visual vision
  • The visual effect helps with powerful communication
  • Forms a compass that guides everything the company does
  • Motivates and inspires customers, employees and other stakeholders


Print the Vision Canvas on a large format and stick it on the wall. Reserve 45 minutes and get started with your team.


1. Vision statement

What change in the world does your company want to bring about? What is the big hairy goal? What impact does your company want to achieve for customers? Try to come up with a short and powerful statement.

2. Themes

Which themes are central and support the vision? Try to describe the themes powerfully in a few words. Describe a maximum of 5 themes that are important in realizing the vision.

3. Visualize the vision and themes

Visually elaborate the vision and the essential themes. Be creative: Draw, paste pictures, write quotes to express the vision and the central themes. Imagine how the ideal future situation looks like.

4. Supporting factors

Which factors are enablers to realize the vision?

5. Challenges

What challenges are you likely to face? What pitfalls should the team really avoid?

6. Five risky steps

What 5 steps do you need to take to make the vision a reality?

Next steps

Use the Vision Canvas as a compass to make the right choices. Consider hiring a creative draftsman to turn the vision into a drawing. This ensures that the vision is disseminated even more powerfully and a better connection is made with the established vision. Also enter into a conversation with employees, customers and other stakeholders and include them in the vision of your company.

Are you ready to create a compelling vision?

Get started with the Vision Canvas and set directions to the big hairy goal.