Additive manufacturing examples

This blog is about the following Business Model Hack: Additive Manufacturing. Read the explanation about what additive manufacturing is, get inspired by the examples and discover how your company can benefit from additive manufacturing.

Explanation: Additive manufacturing is a term for various production techniques in which a product is built up layer by layer. This is often done with the help of a 3D printer. In contrast to conventional production techniques, a 3D printer does not remove material, but adds the material until the desired shape is achieved.


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Examples in the book: Business Model Hacking

Marketiger: Miniature version of yourself using full body 3D scanner

With a state-of-the-art Mimaki 3D printer, Marketiger offers various services, including the printing of full color figurines of people. Through a collaboration with Scanologics, people can have themselves scanned with a full body 3D scanner and a miniature version of themselves can be printed. The scanners are used at events, among other thin

Apis Cor: 3D printer to build houses

Apis Cor has developed a 3D robot with which they are able to print a small round-shaped house with a surface of 370m2. 3D printing uses a fine-grained fiber enriched with special additives. By using the 3D printer, Apis Cor is able to build much faster and more environmentally friendly houses and also at a much lower cost.