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Business Model Hacking cards – brainstorm tool

Business Model Hacking is a practical and powerful method to create strong & resilient business models. The brainstorm cards are an important part of the methode. In this article I will explain what the brainstorm cards are and how they help you to brainstorm better.

Explore the brainstorm cards. Explore the preview or order the book to get access to >200 Business Model Hacks.


  • Get access over 200 Business Model Hacks that help you to design stronger, more resilient business models.
  • The questions on the brainstorming cards helps you to start your ideation engine
  • Easy to apply
  • Get inspired by the examples on the cards
  • Great combination with the book Business Model Hacking

The design of the Business Model Hacking brainstorm cards

Each Business Model Hacking brainstorm card consists of 4 elements

I. Title

The name of the Business Model Hack.

II. Explanation

A short and clear explanation of the Business Model Hack.

III. Examples

Examples of companies who’ve successfully integrated the described hack in their business model.

IV. Innovation questions

This section contents several questions that helps you to start your ideation engine

Tips when applying the Business Model Hacking cards

Below are 5 tips when brainstorming with the cards.

  1. Prepare the session well
  2. Use 5-10 selected hacks each session
  3. Also discover the hard, not obvious hacks
  4. Opt for several short brainstorm sessions, instead of 1 long one
  5. Provide a good system to capture the ideas and later integrate them into prototypes

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Buy the book Business Model Hacking. This code in the book is the key to get access to the full version of the brainstorm cards

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