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Buying Club – Joining forces and create new value and business models

What if… you can bring together a large group of buyers and benefit from collective purchasing power? The Business Model Hack – buying club can be a spark plug that enables new business models. In this blog we take a closer look at the Business Model Hack – buying club.

Buying club

What is a buying club?

Large group of buyers = attractive prices. Collect a large group of buyers by luring them with attractive prices and buy in large volume to get a discount.

Who successfully applies the buying club hack?

Here are some great examples of companies using the buying club hack.

Sam’s Club: Become a member and get a discount!

Sam’s Club is an American retail chain that offers a membership to get bigger discounts on products. The company works with manufacturers to buy products in bulk and pass those discounts on to members.

Coopernook Buying Group: Purchasing together pays off

Coopernook Buying Group is an Australian cooperative that works with local businesses to buy products in bulk and pass on discounts to members. The co-op offers discounts on everything from groceries to cars.

Consumentenbond (Consumers Association): joining forces to achieve a good deal

With the Autolease collective of the Consumentenbond you can be sure of a reliable and fair monthly amount. Those interested in a private lease car can register on the website without obligation. Leasing companies will submit a proposal to the collective at a predetermined time. The Consumers’ Association checks the proposals and submits them to interested parties. By joining forces, the collective can seal a better deal than an individual. This example is from the book Business Model Hacking.

FrieslandCampina: collective purchasing to realize sustainability ambitions

More than 300 dairy farmers affiliated with FrieslandCampina have collectively purchased green energy from Essent. By collectively purchasing green energy, FrieslandCampina is taking steps in the right direction to ‘green’ the chain and dairy farmers save up to 15% on their annual energy purchases. This example is from the book Business Model Hacking.

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