Business Model Hacking

A practical tool for brainstorming which help you to discover new business models. You need to buy the book to download the full version of the Business Model Hacking brainstormcards.


Don’t reinvent the wheel.
Discover the art of copy, adapt & paste. Get access over 200 Business Model Hacks that help you to design stronger, more resilient business models.
Get inspired.
Ready to start your ideation engine? The questions on the brainstorming cards help you discover what each Business Model Hack can do for you
Boost your business!
Gain new insights that help accelerate your business. The cards are easy to apply in different situations such as brainstorms & strategic sessions

Download the preview

You can discover the Business Model Hacking brainstorming cards for free.
  • Get access to 30 Business Model Hacks that inspire you
  • Pdf-format
  • Directly downloadable
Business Model Hacks helps you to create, better more resilient business models.

Result: More profit & impact.

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