What is Assemble To Order? Pioneering New Business Models

Assemble To Order can be a spark plug that creates completely new business models. This blog starts with an introduction on ” What is Assemble To Order? ”. After that several examples are given of companies that successfully apply it.

What is Assemble to Order (ATO)?

A product is assembled for a specific customer. The product consists of modules that are assembled into an end product. The customer controls the chain and assembly takes place after the customer has placed the order.

Examples of companies who apply Assemble to Order?

Here are a few inspiring examples of companies using ATO:

Example 1 | Assemble to Order | NikeID platform

Nike offers personalized sports shoes and apparel through their NikeID platform. Customers can design and customize their own shoe or garment online, choosing their own colours, patterns and materials. After the order is placed, the product is custom-made and shipped to the customer.

Example 2 | Assemble to Order | Tesla

Tesla offers customers the ability to custom configure their EVs, allowing them to choose from a variety of colors, interior finishes, rims and other features. Once the order is placed, the car is custom made and assembled.

Example 3 | Assemble to Order | Build-a-Bear Workshop

Build-a-Bear Workshop is a toy store that offers children the opportunity to design and create their own teddy bear or stuffed animal. Kids can choose the color and style of their stuffed animal, then fill it with soft stuffing and decorate with accessories. This is a wonderful example of ATO, giving children the opportunity to create their own unique stuffed animal.

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