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Direct selling – beat the competition by sell direct to the user

This blog explores the world of direct selling—how businesses use this strategy to connect directly with consumers. Get inspired by our handpicked examples.

What is a direct selling?

Direct selling is about shorten the supply chain by selling products and services directly to the customer.

Who successfully applies the direct selling?

It has been successfully applied in various industries. Here are some examples.

Dell: A unique phone number for each campaign

Computer manufacturer Dell successfully applies direct selling. In the beginning, the orders were taken by phone, later this happened online. An interesting fact: when everything was done by phone, Dell put a unique phone number on every campaign. This gave insight into which campaigns performed well and which customer group called. This enabled them to better respond to customer wishes and sell more. It competitive advantage by applying direct selling is obsolete today. Almost every manufacturer does it. Dell has also switched to a multichannel strategy.

Tupperware: sell products without stores

Tupperware applies direct selling by collaborating with independent salespeople, also known as Tupperware consultants. These consultants purchase Tupperware products at wholesale prices and sell them to customers. They organize home demonstrations in which they showcase the products and build personal relationships with customers. Tupperware rewards consultants with commissions and incentives for their sales performance. The company also has an online presence to sell products through social media and websites. This approach combines high-quality products with personal interaction and customer engagement, making Tupperware popular in the direct sales industry.

Tesla: Bypassing the traditional dealership model

Tesla Direct selling

Tesla employs a unique approach to direct selling in the automotive industry. They have their own showrooms where customers can personally view and test their electric vehicle models. Tesla encourages online orders through their website, bypassing the traditional dealership model. Tesla’s direct selling strategy allows them to maintain control over every aspect of the customer experience, from sales to service. They leverage technology, physical locations, and events to engage and persuade customers about the benefits of electric mobility and sustainable energy solutions, which has helped them establish a leading position in the rapidly growing electric vehicle market.

Mary Kay: Sell cosmetics direct to the consumer

Direct selling Mac Kay

Mary Kay employs direct selling as a central element of its business model. Independent beauty consultants, known as “Mary Kay Consultants,” are key to this approach. They sell Mary Kay products to individual customers through personal interactions, including presentations, makeup demonstrations, and skincare advice. This approach has been successful in the cosmetics industry, creating a loyal community of consultants who not only sell products but also promote self-confidence and empowerment through beauty and entrepreneurship skills.

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