What are Business Model Patterns?

Patterns in reverse engineering | Learn how to leverage Business Model Patterns!

Patterns in reverse engineering are a valuable resource when designing new things. Did you know there are also patterns which focus on Business Model Design? We call them Business Model Patterns. Business Model Patterns are the secret weapon for innovators, business leaders and entrepreneurs and helps them to create better, more resilient business models. This blog will go into this in more detail. Some examples will also be given to clarify.

What are Business Model Patterns?

What are Business Model Patterns?

Business Model Patterns, also known as “Business Model Hacks,” are elements that repeatedly appear in various successful business models. They help you systematically understand the blueprint of your organization and can serve as an inspiration to create new business models or strengthen existing ones.

What are the benefits of using patterns in reverse engineering business models?

Now that the question ”What are business model patterns?” has been addressed, it is time to consider what the advantage is of patterns in reverse engineering business models. Business Model Patterns help you design stronger, more resilient business models that enable you to make more profit & impact. Instead of reinventing the wheel yourself, you make smart use of proven patterns from successful business models. And it turns out that this innovation method has a lot of potential! Research from St. Gallen University shows that 90% of the successful business models of the past 50 years are not as new as we initially think. They consist of new combinations of existing elements. The innovative thing is that you understand, translate, recombine and apply the patterns from successful business models within your own sector.

What are some common Business Model Patterns?

To better understand business model patterns, here are some examples commonly seen in successful companies:

  1. Subscription Model: Customers pay a recurring fee for continuous access to a product or service.
  2. Add-on: Basic products are sold at a low price, but additional features or services are offered at a premium.
  3. Direct selling: shorten the supply chain by selling products and services directly to the customer. You can read our blog about this here.
  4. Buying Club: Group purchasing to achieve lower prices. You can read our blog about Buying Clubs here.
  5. Cash Machine: Generating cash flow before delivering the product or service.
  6. Revive a Legacy: Breathing new life into an old product or brand.

What resources are available to learn more about patterns in reverse engineering business models

There are several interesting papers and books available on Business Model Patterns. The disadvantage of these sources is that:

1) they are not pleasantly written

2) they are not complete and…

3) they do not encourage action.

These shortcomings in the information sources about Business Model patterns prompted me to write the book Business Model Hacking. The book is practically written, gives you access to +200 hacks and is rich in countless examples.

Business Model Hacking - discover our patterns in reverse engineering business models

Answered | What are Business Model Patterns? | Time for action!

I hope this blog inspired you and answered the question: ”What are Business Model Patterns?”. Discover how Business Model Patterns can help you with new business model ideas. Need help to boost your business? Consider our Business Growth Consulting services. You won’t regret it!

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