• Practical innovation tools
  • Applicable for startups to corporates
  • Take your business to the next level with Business Model Hacking
Experience it yourself with our demo-tool
A great way to learn about Business Model Hacking, include countless inspiring examples.
Our Ai-based ideation-tool which help you to get new, ground-breaking business model ideas.
A practical tool for brainstorming with the Business Model Hacks yourself. Great to use in workshops.
Template tools
Explanation and templates of various innovation tools that are part of the Business Model Hacking-method.
Digital accelerator
Get access to various handy digital workshop formats, in which you can collaborate with your team.
Business Model Scan
Assess business model design by testing it against the characteristics of successful business models.

Are you ready to boost your business?

Experience how ideation with Business Model Hacking works with our demo tool!
Business Model Hacks helps you to create, better more resilient business models.

Result: More profit & impact.

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