What is Content Curation? Featuring revolutionary examples

Business Model Hacking is a powerful approach to develop new business models. Instead of reinventing the wheel, you use proven patterns to get new ideas to strengthen an existing business model or develop new ones. In this blog you can read more about the Business Model Hack – Content Curation. We begin by asking: What is Content Curation? Next, we’ll explore some fascinating examples in depth.

What is Content Curation?

Content Curation is about bringing together valuable information on a specific topic that helps in one way or another to strengthen your business. It’s about finding, selecting, categorizing, commenting and distributing content created by others.

Examples of companies who apply Content Curation?

There are several examples of companies that apply Content Curation in an inspiring way. Below you will find some examples:

Example 1 | Content Curation | BuzzFeed

What is Content Curation? Example

BuzzFeed is a media company focused on creating and sharing viral content. The company uses curated content to provide their readers with the most interesting and relevant content on the internet. BuzzFeed’s curation team is constantly looking for the latest trends, funny videos, and stories that align with the interests of their target audience.

Example 2 | Content Curation | The Marginalian

The Marginalian (former Brain Pickings) is an online magazine that focuses on literature, art, philosophy and science. The company uses curated content to find articles and videos that are relevant to their audience. The curation team of The Marginalian is highly selective in their choice of content, focusing on deep, intellectual, and compelling stories.

Example 3 | Content Curation | TED

What is Content Curation? Example TED

TED is a non-profit organization dedicated to spreading ideas. The company uses curated content to find the best speakers and ideas for their events and online platform. TED’s curating team is constantly looking for speakers who have interesting and impactful ideas to share with the world.

These are some examples of companies that curate content in an inspiring way.

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